Spano, Patricia

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Welcome to 5th grade!  I am very pleased to have you in my class.  My goal as a teacher is to provide each and every student with a meaningful learning experience.  This is to ensure that each student is allowed the opportunity to reach his or her full potential.  Although expectations are high, you will never be asked to perform beyond your abilities.  Each child is different, and I will do my best to build upon your individual strengths.

Parents: As your child’s teacher I would also like to stress the importance of your involvement in your child’s education.  Now is the ideal time to start forming good study habits, further ensuring your child’s success in the classroom.  With your help I plan to provide your child with an exciting and successful school year. Please contact me so that I may keep your e-mail on file.

If you leave me a brief message,  I will call or email you before the next school day. 
School email is or the school number is 774-7725