Gutierrez, Leticia
I believe that every child regardless of income, race or gender is capable of learning.  In this modern world, it is crucial to foster critical thinking skills, leadership and motivation in the younger generations.  I have the desire to nourish the wisdom and knowledge of the youth in order to promote leadership, self-motivation and dedication.  The yearning to learn and comprehend is found in every student; it is up to the teacher to set high expectations and provide consequences and rewards of their education in order to apply themselves early on in their education and obtain the necessary life skills to set and achieve audacious goals.  Academic success is the tool for the development of leaders and innovative ideas for the future; therefore, it should be at the grasp of every student.    Each student comes with an individual learning style and culture, which can be utilized to tap into prior knowledge to unleash a love for learning.  High academic and behavioral expectations set a standard and goal that with time becomes the norm.  As a teacher, it is my job to never give up.  A single teacher can make a world of difference in a student's life.