Leticia Cavazos

Welcome to 1G

My name is Leticia Cavazos. I am a first grade teacher.  This is my first year  at Tom Lea Elementary.  I have over four years of experience working  with students from different grade levels including Bilingual, Dual Language and Special Ed.

My conference time is from 1:45-2:30

 Tutoring days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays 3:15-4:00


Tom Lea First Grade Dual Language Schedule

8:00-8:05             Bell Rings/Pick Up

8:10am                  Transition

8:10—8:30            Journals

8:30—9:00            JCSpell/Estrellita/Poetry

9:00—9:30            Reading Core Lesson

9:30—9:50            Reading Centers

9:50—10:20          Writing/Spelling Centers/Small Group

10:20—10:50         Science

10:50—10:55         TRANSITION

10:55—11:20         Calendar Math

11:20—11:55       Lunch

11:55—12:30         Math Core Lesson

12:30—1:00           Math Centers/Small Group

1:00-1:30              Social Studies

1:30—1:45             JC Spell/Estrellita

1:45—2:30           P.E. (Conference Period)

2:30—3:00            Enrichment/Small Group/GT

3:00—3:05           Transition Back to Home Room

3:05-3:15         Prepare for Dismissal

3:15               Dismissal