Accidents on Campus

Accidents on Campus
Posted on 08/23/2016
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-Under State Laws, school districts are not liable for accidents, which occur in schools.  Parents are responsible to provide the appropriate medical protection for their children.

-EPISD does not provide accident or health insurance for the students.  Many people think that if a student is involved in an accident during P.E., recess, lunchtime, or in a classroom activity the district will pay for the medical treatment.

-Medical treatment and bills are the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

-In an effort to assist parents/guardians when accidents occur, EPISD has procured an accident insurance policy that is available for the parents/guardian to purchase. This insurance is optional and provided as a service to the parent/guardians.

Flyers on Student Accident Insurance are available at the school front office or by clicking on the Student Insurance English or Student Insurance Spanish.